Gas & Diesel Engine Repair

All makes & models – Inboard, Outboard, Sterndrive (I/O)

Full Service, Repair & Maintenance on all boat & yacht systems.

  • 20/HR Service, 100/HR Service / Annual Service, Oil & Filter Change , Tune-Ups, Manifolds / Risers, & all other engine service & maintenance
  • Mechanical & Electrical Diagnostics, Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Gearcase & Sterndrive Repairs
  • Steering & Helm Systems
  • Throttle & Shift Cables
  • Cooling Systems
  • Head & Sanitation Systems
  • Fuel Systems
  • Mechanical & Electrical Diagnostics, Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Battery & Charging Systems
  • Electronics
  • Plumbing
  • And Much More

Preventative Maintenance

Oliver Mobile Marine Service offers a monthly or bi-monthly Preventative Maintenance Program.  Here are some examples of checks that are included in our program…

  • Engine
    Hours of engine, checking oil & all other fluids (coolant, power steering, transmission, gear lube, batteries & h20), running engine & checking for leaks & engine temperature, checking belts, charging system, engine hoses & spraying engines down with anti corrosion lubricant crc 656
  • Generator
    Hours, oil, coolant, batteries h20, strainers & seacocks, belts, hoses, gen zinc, test run engine & inspect for leaks and proper operation
  • AC Systems
    Pump, seacock, strainer, return filter & test run
  • Bilge
    Lights, blowers, bilge pumps, battery charger / converter, sump system, emergency high water pump / alarm, brass (seacocks & strainers) etc
  • Misc.
    Windlass, vhf, trim, spotlight, horn, nav lights, gauges, etc

Boat Cleaning & Detailing

Dirt and grime are on constant in a water-rich environment. Boats take a beating both on the water and while in storage. 

Let Oliver Marine Service come to where your boat is located and make it shine again!
  • Boat Washing
    All washes include washing the boat (from the waterline up if in the water), cleaning under hatches, and all gutter tracks when accessible. We offer one-time washes and recurring washes according to a schedule you prefer.
  • Compounding and Waxing
  • Detailing
    Buffing, protecting, vacuuming, dusting, polishing.
  • Interior Cleaning
    Interior cleaning services consist of a top to bottom cleaning. This includes cleaning the toilet, head, sinks, walls, vacuuming and/or deep clean carpets, dusting and polishing wood, mirrors, removing stains from carpeting, and cleaning inside all hatches and compartments.

Boat Winterization

Oliver Marine Service is your only choice for all your boat’s needs for winterization each year. We provide our customers with the best service and price on all our winterization services. Oliver Marine Service can also perform winterization services on water for our customers in Smithville and metro Kansas City who leave their boats on the water during the winter. When you think winterization, think Oliver Marine Service.

  • Stabilize your fuel system
  • Fog your engine
  • Change your gearlube with OEM approved oil
  • Drain your engine block
  • Fill block with marine corrosion preventative antifreeze

We can also:

  • Change your engine oil and filter with OEM oil and filter
  • Fog your powerhead(Where applicable)
  • Remove your drive and service your u-joints and gimble bearings

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